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Motorcycle Stuff

AMA Superbike
Crago Racing: The best tuner I know
Visit the ZRX owners homepage
San Fernando Bike Night
Every motorcyclist's dream vacation: Edelweiss
The Ticket Assassin: Fight your ticket and win!
Keith Code's Superbike School
Willow Springs Motorcycle Club BBS
Z Custom Leathers
Motorcycle On Line
Cycle News

Misc Links

Yahoo maps
Magic eye - 3d fun!
Los Angeles Craigslist
Pop cap games, an on-line arcade!
Wicked Cool Stuff: A pop culture paradise
Real time L.A. area traffic map
Nationwide restaurant locators
Late Night Restaurants in Silicon Valley
100 good restaurants in the South Bay/Peninsula
Symantec's HOAX database. Check here before you mass forward an e mail

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